Expertise and innovation

Nothing less than perfection

For 25 years we have been prioritizing quality, creativity, sustainability and innovation

Drawing on over a quarter century of experience, Luxia Innovation prioritizes safety, quality, creativity and durability. Our modern, high-precision equipment is designed to meet both our innovative capabilities and your diverse needs. Thanks to the creativity of our talented and perfectionist team, your project will take off.

Engineering at the behest of interior comfort

In terms of engineering, our approach must meet two fundamental needs: functional design and guaranteed comfort. Our creativity fuses it all together.

The quality of made-to-measure

Custom requests, special needs or unique concepts on a small or large scale, our high precision equipment and quality finishes are always part of the process.

Meeting requirements in the smallest details

From government standards to specific manufacturing mandates, we ensure that the final product fully meets or exceeds quality requirements.

The ability to support you for large-scale projects

The experience and know-how of our staff, combined with the many strong features of our modern equipment, allow us to undertake any large project.


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