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With its high internal aircraft carpet underpad damping, Luxia flagship thermoplastic dissipates unwanted energy virtually immediately, in minimal sway space, and restores system equilibrium. The high internal damping of the vinyl urethane material families reduces mechanically or acoustically induced vibrations and dissipates shock and impact energy at a very rapid rate.

These properties, in conjunction with excellent physical strength, flexibility, good environmental and flame resistance make Luxia’s materials ideal for constrained layer damping, damped isolation and impact control applications.

  • Highly effective damped isolation materials for control of noise, vibration and shock
  • High-performance constrained layer damping in harsh environments
  • Tough, yet soft and flexible, conform to irregular and pitted surfaces
  • Flame resistant with excellent wear and physical properties
  • Control unwanted motion and rebound in equipment of all types
  • Low rebound properties, prevent additive effects of successive impacts
  • Available in many forms, sheets, rolls, die-cut and custom-molded parts
  • Ideal for high-performance damping in demanding applications such as aircraft, mining equipment, off-road vehicles, ships and military vehicles.

Guaranteed Quality

At Luxia Innovation, 23 years of experience allows us to understand the needs of our customers and therefore offering a quality service at the best possible price. Your ideas are carefully integrated by our professional team. We utilize our experience, creativity and passion for luxury carpets to transform your concepts into masterpieces. We take careful steps to ensure the final product meets or exceeds your greatest expectations. At Luxia, we ensure each finished carpet is nothing less than perfection.