Aircraft Carpets

All carpets are classified as Class 1 or Class A and passes FAR 25.853 (a) flammability test.
The vast majority of our carpet for aircraft used by Luxia Innovation come from 100% sustainable and renewable natural sources. Normally, we use wool from New Zealand, it is considered the best sheep wool in the world. This fiber offers the beauty, warmth and durability with remarkable easy to clean, fire resistant benefits and capable eliminating contaminants from the air. Some of our customers choose cashmere fiber, it is remarkable for its softness and its legendary warmth feature of pure luxury. The ultimate feeling is mulberry silk, popular for over 5,000 years, silk comes from cocoons of silkworms fed mulberry. Known for its natural splendor, light and heat, silk is the strongest natural fiber in the world.

Guaranteed Quality

At Luxia Innovation, 23 years of experience allows us to understand the needs of our customers and therefore offering a quality service at the best possible price. Your ideas are carefully integrated by our professional team. We utilize our experience, creativity and passion for luxury carpets to transform your concepts into masterpieces. We take careful steps to ensure the final product meets or exceeds your greatest expectations. At Luxia, we ensure each finished carpet is nothing less than perfection.


The sustainable development is the future. In Luxia, that’s what we’ve always done. The pure wool and luxury carpets offered by Luxia are made with the most natural materials available. With its natural beauty, softness and durability, wool is naturally insulating, reducing heat loss through flooring while creating a more comfortable atmosphere. It also absorbs excess moisture in the room and creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria and dust mites, which can trigger allergies and asthma.